You have a range of needs and objectives from income to growth.  At Harborview Advisors we tailor portfolios for a variety of needs.  Our investment philosophy is based upon the belief that the way to achieve long-term returns is to minimize risk.  To that end, we employ a five step investment process.  It is as follows:

  • Develop a customized asset allocation based upon your specific goals.
  • Select appropriate investment vehicles.
  • Adhere to a disciplined rebalancing strategy.
  • Recommend changes in allocations based upon valuations, macro-economic factors and select investment opportunities.
  • Lastly, we implement an ongoing review process.

We recommend rebalancing the portfolio to its original allocations whenever significant variations develop between current allocations and initial allocations (i.e. more than 1%). In effect, this creates a forced “buy low-sell high” discipline which, overtime, helps to lower risk and improve performance.

In addition, we will make changes to recommended allocations as market and world factors dictate (commodity prices, interest rates, specific market valuations, exogenous events, etc.). Furthermore, we are always seeking profitable investment opportunities and will make suitable recommendations where appropriate.



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