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Portfolio Management

Harborview Advisors holds the belief that effective portfolio management is an essential component of achieving your long-term investment objectives. We recognize that each investor has unique needs and objectives, and therefore offer customized portfolios that encompass a range of investment styles and asset classes.

Our investment philosophy is centered around minimizing risk to achieve long-term returns.


THOUGHTFULLY DEVELOP a customized asset allocation portfolio that aligns with your specific goals. This initial step involves a detailed analysis of your financial objectives, risk tolerance, and investment horizon to craft a tailored asset allocation strategy.


CAREFULLY SELECT investment vehicles, aligning objectives and risk tolerance to your portfolio.  We are always seeking profitable investment opportunities and evaluating them to determine the appropriateness for your portfolio.

Step 3

RIGOROUSLY IMPLEMENT a disciplined rebalancing strategy by returning the portfolio to its original allocations whenever significant variations develop between current allocations and initial allocations (i.e. more than 1%).  In effect, this creates a forced “buy low-sell high” discipline which, overtime, helps to lower risk and improve performance.

Step 4

IMPLEMENT A PROACTIVE REVIEW PROCESS with you, as sometimes allocation changes are necessitated by market and world factors (commodity prices, interest rates, specific market valuations, exogenous events, etc.).